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Jade Gua Sha - The Self-Love Collection
The Self-Love Collection

The tools that Rebecca uses to power up her self-love rituals. Everything from facial gua sha’s, massage wands, palm stones for meditation, worry stones, and the infamous self-love white sage & lavender smudge wand.

Crystals & Gems - The Visionaries
Crystals & Gems

Rebecca has been collecting crystals & gems since she was a child (because they’re so beautiful!). But when she started using them for their metaphysical properties, she quickly realized that she needed to share them with the world.

Black Sage Smudge Wand - Sacred Space Collection
The Sacred Space Collection

Check out Rebecca’s favourite tools to release, cleanse & protect her aura and space, and recharge her most-used crystals between full moons. You’ll find all the smudge wands, palo santo, selenite, and crystal charging stations.

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Grounding & Protection Meditation

Download one of Rebecca’s most valuable rituals. It’ll help you protect yourself from absorbing other people’s energy, recenter yourself, and start creating a deeper connection with your energy field. 

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