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Who are the Visionaries?

The essence of The Visionaries is held by the collective of souls who tune into their intuition, and actively move towards the greater life that they envision for not only themselves but the collective as well.

Guided by Rebecca Leanna, her mission is to lead visionaries around the world towards healing and self-actualization through various spiritual and energetic practices.


The Visionaries Intuitive Development
The Coven Membership
Join the community for intutives and the spiritually curious. Get access to hours of metaphysical teachings, as well as monthly events like Intuitive Development and group intuitive readings.
The Visionaries Rebecca Leanna Medium Tarot Reader Montreal
Spiritual Coaching
Looking for life coaching with a whole lot of spiritual practices? Rebecca's got you covered. Guided meditations to time-travel, rewire your past, meet your higher self and so much more.
The Visionaries Intuitive Development
Experience shifts & transformations before your eyes. Longterm group and private programs are available to support you in releasing what's no longer in alignment and move towards all that makes you glow.
The Visionaries Intuitive Development
Envision Retreat
Join us for a FREE full-day guided retreat from the comfort of your home. Bring your awareness to truthfully assess where you currently are in your life, and gift yourself with the love and support your soul has been needing.
How it all began

Rebecca has been able to connect to energy since she was a child. Her mother and sister vividly remember her screaming in the middle of the night due to spirits walking around her bedroom and coming to communicate with her. But because the idea of it was so absurd, she always just brushed them off like they were bad dreams — but one too many coincidences later, she eventually started questioning how they actually could be real.

In 2008, at the age of 18, she got her tarot cards read for the first time, and was gifted a Doreen Virtue oracle deck by her mother. Little did she know, this would the beginning of something huge.

Rebecca Leanna, circa 2017

Coming out of the spiritual closet

After many years of denying her connections, she was introduced to yoga and meditation in 2015. And it was during savasana that she had her first conscious astral travel experience. From that moment on, she began to open up to the spiritual world at an exponential rate.

After a magical trip to Hawaii with her best friend in 2017, she launched one of the first iterations of The Visionaries, selling handmade wire-wrapped crystal necklaces. 

The Visionaries Intuitive Development

Soon after, Rebecca officially came out of the spiritual closet after attending her first Intuitive Development class. It was through that one life-changing experience that all of her past connections became undeniable within an instant. She no longer questioned the validity of what she experienced while in meditation and started trusting her gut feelings and coincidences that would appear.

In November 2017, she further expanded the business to create a safe space to connect with like-minded individuals and to express spirituality in a modern and relatable way. She then started offering mediumship readings, intuitive development classes and followed with more spiritual/energetic workshops and events.

As she personally & spiritually changed and transformed, so has The Visionaries.

The Visionaries Rebecca Leanna Medium Tarot Reader Montreal

The glow up

Today Rebecca leads The Visionaries, a community of beautiful souls around the world who are on a mission to tune into their intuition so that they can step into their power, trust themselves again, and manifest their best lives.

She supports her fellow visionaries with spiritual coaching sessions, divine guidance, and intuitive teachings. Rebecca has crafted programs for both groups and private clients alike: Rebirth, a 12-week private coaching journey towards healing and self-actualization, and The Rising, an 8-week journey of cultivating sovereignty through intuition & shadow work.

The online shop is curated with Rebecca’s favorite metaphysical tools to support visionaries on their journey inwards. 

As above, so below. As within, so without. And this is only the beginning. 

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Grounding & Protection Meditation

Download one of Rebecca’s most valuable rituals. It’ll help you protect yourself from absorbing other people’s energy, recenter yourself, and start creating a deeper connection with your energy field. 

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