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    The Visionaries Intuitive Development
    Intuitive Reading
    Need some guidance and insights on all of life's chaos and it's latest happenings? Book yourself 30 minutes of magic with Rebecca and watch the weight be lifted from your shoulders.
    The Visionaries Rebecca Leanna Medium Tarot Reader Montreal
    Spiritual Coaching
    Looking for life coaching with a whole lot of spiritual practices? Rebecca's got you covered. Guided meditations to time-travel, rewire your past, meet your higher self and so much more.
    The Visionaries Intuitive Development
    Experience shifts & transformations before your eyes. Longterm group and private programs are available to support you in releasing what's no longer in alignment and move towards all that makes you glow.
    The Visionaries Intuitive Development
    Drop-in spiritual classes to learn how to develop your intuition, provide mediumship, energy, or tarot readings, and use energetic tools to kick-start living a life of wonder and endless possibilities.