Rebirth Coaching Program by The Visionaries and Rebecca Leanna


An 8-week journey towards
healing and self-actualization
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What you'll experience

Learn how to transform old patterns and beliefs to find freedom.

Access deeper realms of self-healing through spiritual practices.

Widen your awareness to release low-frequency ways of living, and instead focus on the bigger picture.

Experience self-actualization and empowerment to make your much-needed life changes.


the coaching program

Why I created Rebirth

My pit of hell

The most profound healings I have experienced were when I connected directly to the root of trauma to meet my inner child and teenager.

I could tell you a dozen stories of when I’ve returned to myself at several ages, but the most impactful was when I returned (multiple times) to the darkest moments of my life. This happens to be when I was 16 years old and was contemplating ending my life. I was stuck in a perpetual loop of anger and resentment, I was hanging out with the wrong crowd and was self-sabotaging in the worst possible ways. 

Upon graduating I created a new persona, to protect myself from the emotional pain I endured from years of feeling unseen, unheard and misunderstood. I unknowingly became a chronic people pleaser, and just wanted to be loved, seen, heard, and accepted just as I was.

My spiritual journey began

After years of feeling like a victim to my relationships, feeling inadequate at work, and like I was never enough to my family, I finally surrendered control and started listening to my gut feelings.

I soon found myself on an intensive spiritual journey where I noticed how my triggers were directly connected to my unhealed childhood and teen traumas. This is what led me to begin doing the most profound healing of my lifetime. 

When I started doing this inner healing work, my life transformed in the most meaningful ways. I started to see events from a higher perspective and with absolute clarity. I found myself more focused, determined, and open and aware than ever before. I suddenly felt like I had a purpose and wasn’t meant to just be wandering my way through life half-awake — it felt like my inner flame was relit. 

My commitment

With this rebirth, I committed to following through in releasing what is no longer serving me, no matter how uncomfortable the situations. I also committed myself to leap towards the radical and aligned changes that I required to fulfill my life purpose — guiding you through your own inner labyrinth towards healing and self-actualization. 

Humble brags

Rebirth Program Testimonial by Jess D.

“This program came into my life at a moment where my life was literally falling apart. This was the best decision I could take as it was such an eye-opening experience on many levels. Working with Rebecca gives you tools, structure, and discipline to seek deeper within you, undo old thoughts, patterns, and habits and turn them into strength and confidence. Rebecca’s coaching has been pivotal in helping me understand and see all the useless weight I was dragging with me for so long.”

— Jess D.

“I am so grateful that I decided to invest in myself and my future by signing up for the Rebirth program. I was in a place in my life where I was lacking confidence in myself and my abilities. This magical program that Rebecca created, gave me the tools to trust in my intuition. It continues to show me that the answers that I seek are within and around me if I take the time and do the work to listen.

My life will forever be changed by the coaching, ideas, support, and magic that Rebecca gifted me with. She has been such an incredible blessing, I am eternally thankful that the universe led me to her!”

— Jade N.
Martina Buchal — Visionary Leadership Coach & Speaker

“Rebecca’s support is something I rely on for insight, grounding and direction. More than just a nudge in the right direction, it always helps me reconnect with my own inner resources, positivity and strength, empowering me to be the best version of myself as a woman, friend, partner and entrepreneur. She’s opened up a connection to my inner self and the universe at large that I can’t thank her enough for 😊💕”

— Martina B.
Enrollment is currently closed

But! You can sign up for the newsletter to be notified when the next Rebirth coaching program will begin:

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