The Awakening by The Visionaries and Rebecca Leanna

The Awakening

30 Days of Dating Yourself
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This is your opportunity

During the month of September, get to know yourself on a deeper level by bringing awareness to each of your 4 bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

In creating space for yourself on a daily basis, you will begin to experience your life with a fresh perspective and renewed vitality. With the support of spiritual practices and aligned habits, you will be able to watch yourself grow and flourish exponentially.

The Awakening is a 30-day virtual group program that is fully customizable to each individual’s needs. I will be guiding a total of 10 beautifully aligned souls on the journey of awakening their deepest needs and desires, with the intention of moving towards living a fulfilled and empowered life.

With a commitment to yourself, you’ll start to uncover a new version of you that has been waiting for the right opportunity to reveal themselves.

This is the very beginning of your journey, and I am here to guide you through 30 days of (consciously) dating yourself.

What you'll experience

A new type of independence and feeling of self-empowerment.

A balanced lifestyle that’s fulfilling, sustainable and enables growth.

Strengthening of your inner voice and a deeper sense of trust within yourself.

Ability and willingness to prioritize your needs and make. shit. happen.

Why I created this program

I first created the #30daysofdatingmyself challenge in November 2014. I was fresh out of a stagnant 6-year relationship, was hiding my spiritual experiences from the world, and was constantly trying to please all those around me in superficial ways. Deep down, I was unsatisfied with the status quo, wanted to break free of my own mold, and had a hunger to experience life in new ways — I was honestly just so tired of my own shit. That’s when I realized that it was my first time being single since high school (in 2007), so I decided to date myself to rediscover who I really was after all those years of walking around with my eyes closed.

The challenge was so beneficial and life-changing that I’ve run it 3 times: first time for 30 days, the second for 90 days, and the third for 9 months. I have spent a total of 13 months openly dating myself — pushing myself out of my comfort zone, bringing awareness to my truth, and for the first time ever, fully trusting myself.

My life has done a 180 degree turn in the best ways possible by following the core practices that I share in this course. I feel so comfortable and confident with my personal experiences and years of learnings, that I am now ready to guide you towards your own personal awakening.

Please note: You do not need to be “single” in order to register for this program.

The Awakening by The Visionaries and Rebecca Leanna

The offering

The 30-day program will be divided into 4 sections. Every 7 days we will dive into and focus on a specific layer of our being — to slowly allow our true essence to surface. The final class will be an overview of tapping into the 4 bodies and to better find a balance moving forward.

Week 1: Physical body
Week 2: Mental body
Week 3: Emotional body
Week 4: Spiritual body
Week 5: Overall

What’s included?

1️⃣ 1 private 30-minute session with me
2️⃣ A weekly 90-minute group video call
3️⃣ A 1-day at-home retreat 
4️⃣ Spiritual practices & aligned habits to empower you
5️⃣ Access to a private FB group
6️⃣ Perks & goodies

Important details

Class dates & time: Every Tuesday evening of September (1, 8, 15, 22, 29) at 7:00pm EST (recordings will be available)
At-home retreat (optional but recommended): September 26 or 27 
Location: video conference
Price: $550 CAD + taxes

Space is limited but the universe is not.

Please note (again): You do not need to be “single” in order to register for this program 😅

Humble brags

Coaching Testimonial from Maria-Anna M.

“I’ve been seeing Rebecca professionally for about a year now and it’s honestly been life-changing. We’ve done spiritual guidance, life coaching, readings, workshops, and rituals. All these helped me realize my own self-worth, confidence, self-respect, owning my voice, my personal growth and so much more. Ultimately she’s guided and coached me to show up for myself. I highly recommend working with her.”

— Maria-Anna M.

“Registering to the Awakening program with Rebecca was such a nice gift I gave myself! Through her coaching, the ideas and tools she provided, I was able to deepen my connection with my inner self and witness more positive changes manifest in my life. I feel very blessed that Rebecca and I crossed paths and it is my intention to continue to seek her insight in the future!”

— Faïza B.
Genevieve M

“I’m so glad that I got to be a part of the #30daysofdatingmyself program – it helped me find the confidence to fully express myself. Expressing myself vocally had been a major blockage in my life for the past few years and working with Rebecca really allowed me to set myself free on so many levels.”

— Geneviève M.

“Following The Awakening program with Rebecca was a path towards more self-listening, self-understanding, self-forgiveness, and self-love. She guides and supports you with compassion, softness, trust, enthusiasm, wisdom, and grace. It is a precious gift to give to yourself.”

— Elise C.

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