The Rising by The Visionaries and Rebecca Leanna

The Rising

Cultivate sovereignty through
intuition & shadow work

Reclaim your power

It’s been a long time coming — years of pent-up emotions, stifled impulses, and repressed yearnings.

After all that was 2020, there’s no going back into hiding. We cannot un-see what has surfaced and continue to cover up our old wounds with more masks and white lies.

Now is your opportunity to step into the sovereignty that was always rightfully yours — to take ownership of your innate power, and to hold full trust in both yourself and the Universe.

The Rising is an 8-week journey of holding space for our deepest truths and shadows to surface so that we can transmute them to heal and rise like a phoenix from our ashes. We will be bringing peace to the shame, guilt, anger, anxiety, and pain that has taken hold of our lives.

It can be daunting to do this kind of work alone or without the right kind of guidance and support system. This is exactly why Rebecca created this group program: so you get the spiritual guidance that you need while being supported by an intimate group of like-hearted womxn.

During this 2-month journey together, we will be cultivating the most beautiful and deepest connection with our Higher Self. In doing so, we will be bringing much-needed clarity and focus back into our lives. This level of trust and knowing will then allow us to release with ease all that is not fuelling us onward and upward.

Now the real question is: are you ready to open up your wings and rise?

What you'll experience

Learn to decipher the Universe’s symbols & synchronicities.

Transmute old patterns and traumas to find freedom.

Amplify your inner voice and strengthen your sense of trust within yourself and the world.

Access deeper realms of self-healing through spiritual practices.

Connect to your intuition & communicate with your Higher Self.

Humble brags

Love from former Rising students


“If you want to get in touch with who you are at your core, if you want to start moving through your life free, and light, and in line with what you really want… this program is for you.”

“By investing in this program, what you’re actually doing is investing in yourself. And it will allow you to move through life, and change your life in ways that you didn’t even know were possible.”

— Camellia S.


“The way this course has impacted my life is so profound and so deep.”

“I joined a group of incredible women, that I feel […] are going to be part of my life going forward. The things we experienced together were next level.”

“I now feel like I have an incredible set of tools to navigate the next steps in my life.”

It’s magic. And there’s not really any other words to describe it.”

— Melissa

The offering

The Rising is an 8-week group program with only 4 spots available. An intimate and safe space will be held and created by those who join the circle.

The content and format of the program was inspired by the Rebirth program (available only for 1:1 coaching) and the long-running Intuitive Development classes. The combination of these two wildly successful teachings in one offering is filled with mystical insights and deep soul healing. 

Week 1: Connection & intuitive communication
Week 2: Awareness & intuition
Week 3: Awareness & blocks
Week 4: Shadow work — Release the ties
Week 5: Shadow work — Inner-child connection
Week 6: Healing, self-love & support
Week 7: Visioning & reprogramming
Week 8: Manifestation & intuition

What’s included?

1️⃣ A weekly 2-hour group call
2️⃣ Private community for The Rising students
3️⃣ Energetic practices & supportive tools to empower you
4️⃣ A personalized gift box ($75 value)
5️⃣ A distance Reiki healing session with Lisa Curtis ($60 value)
6️⃣ Extra support via Telegram app
7️⃣ Additional check-in group call 1-month post completion of the program
⭐️ Lifetime access to The Awakening course ($100 value)
⭐️ 1-month access to The Coven Membership ($66 value)

Important details
  • The program will launch in Fall 2021
  • We will select the best weekly day/time to accommodate everyone’s schedules.
  • Weekly video calls take place via Zoom. Attendance is mandatory.
The Visionaries Rebecca Leanna Medium Tarot Reader Montreal
Enrollment is closed!

Join the Waitlist

Thank you for your interest in The Rising!

Enrollment is currently closed but if you’re interested in joining the program the next time it opens up, you may submit an application to tentatively reserve your spot.

Humble brags

Client thoughts on working & healing with Rebecca

“I can honestly say [that working with Rebecca] has changed me and helped me shed old habits and beliefs that kept sabotaging me. […] I didn’t realize that we would be digging deep into old thought/belief patterns and that’s where most of the pain stems from. Rebecca had told me that we would but I suppose I hadn’t realized the impact those patterns had on my life.

Even though it will always be a work in progress, I know that because of this program I am in a much better place with new awareness and new beliefs about myself. I will forever be thankful.”

The client wished to stay anonymous.

Jess A

“If you’re ready to finally make big changes happen in your life, I cannot recommend working with Rebecca enough.

Before I started the program, I felt so stuck in so many ways. Within the first few sessions, not only did I become a more confident, independent, and strong person, but as I learned to better support myself, it felt like the universe suddenly started to support and guide me in a whole new way as well.

Working with Rebecca is the best gift you can give yourself. One that continues to prove the importance of investing in yourself. ♥️”

— Jess A.

“[Working with Rebecca] was a gentle empowering reminder to look inward for all the answers I was seeking. Rebecca was able to bring out the best of me in our sessions and the progress made was exponential. The effects are long-lasting, life-changing.”

The client wished to stay anonymous.

Looking for one-on-one support?

Check out the 12-week sister program, Rebirth.