Spiritual Coaching

long-term guidance

Leading you through growth & expansion

When life gets hard, stagnant, or claustrophobic, it’s the universe calling on us for transformation. It’s our souls screaming to be heard, seen, acknowledged, and prioritized. With the right support and intention, we can simply and naturally transform our breakdowns into breakthroughs.

No matter what area of your life is waning, Rebecca has the spiritual rituals and tools to support you during your journey of uprising.

Rebecca offers 60-minute private coaching video calls in packages of 4, 6, 8, or 12 sessions.

If you’re interested in working with Rebecca long-term, please book a complimentary 45-minute breakthrough call below.

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The purpose of this call is so that Rebecca can get to know you, to understand where you currently stand and what your big vision is. She will then answer all of your questions and acknowledge any concerns you may have regarding the work you’ll be doing together.